The Temptation of Powers

Beginning in March, I will be a writing instructor at a women’s university in Seoul, South Korea. At first, I raised my hands to Heaven and thanked the Almighty for such a precious gift.

I imagined that my lectures would not only be a place of tapping into their  creative spirits, but also a place where 40 beautiful 20-year old women and one older man could have massive pillow fights where we’re all laughing and accidentally falling on top of each other.

When not pillow fighting, we would have meaningful conversations about their awful boyfriends during my private office hours.  I would hold their hands and tell them they should wait for the perfect man; someone just like myself and that we should finish this conversation over drinks.

Alas, this wasn’t to be.  We had our first staff meeting where it was made very clear that any male faculty member who had, even a hint of, an inappropriate relationship with a student would be fired immediately with no investigation into the merits of the case, no severance, just a boot in the ass.


I looked up to Heaven, “Why do you tempt me so?  WWWHHHHYYYYYY?!?!”



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3 responses to “The Temptation of Powers

  1. Awesome Super-Korean-first -paragraph.
    South Koreans (the Kool Koreans) have tougher morals than catholics!
    They hold their popstars to high standards — no drugs, no public screwups.

    If American did that we wouldn’t have Jimi Hendrix… or Bobby Brown.

  2. getbradstanleypublished

    I think I read in Newsweek that people learn a lot better with push-up bras on? Pass it on.

    I mean for you to wear – not them. That’d be silly.

  3. Carley

    Wow fired just on suspicion!!!! Better watch out because you can be suspicious as times ;)

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