Matt Powers

Matt Powers is a writer, comic, sustainable living/business advocate, and travel enthusiast.  He was born in Houston, Texas, but considers Austin home.  As a child, Matt lived in Jakarta, Indonesia where he decimated the indigenous lizard population with a B.B. gun.  After several years in Indonesia, Matt moved to Virginia where he scared the local women with his adolescent awkwardness and giant Adam’s Apple that took many years to grow into.

After Virginia, Matt and his family moved overseas again to Abu Dhabi, UAE.  From the ages of 15 to 18, Matt drank too many Long Island Iced Teas and Jack and Cokes.  He also experienced some “culture”, but is vague on the details.  After graduating from the American school in Abu Dhabi, Matt attended the University of Texas at Austin and studied Business Administration.

Since university, Matt has worked an odd assortment of jobs:  business manager at a musical theatre company, a promotional goods sales rep, marketing communications manager at a wind power company, a kindergarten teacher in Taiwan, an ESL teacher, and a writing instructor at a university in South Korea.

Mr. Powers recently relocated to Seattle, Washington after four years of eating kimchi professionally in Korea.

Matt has traveled to over 20 countries.  His favorites include Italy, Thailand, and the Philippines.  He recommends avoiding Syria and Kuwait.


7 responses to “Matt Powers

  1. Ola

    You should come visit Jordan!

  2. gemsandjellybeans

    You’re quite amusing :) I read a few of your entries… I must admit, I lurked around.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Always love seeing new readers and faces :) (Mostly readers though, new faces scare me at times)

    Hope to see you around!

    – K

  3. Dude! Are you an Army Brat? I graduated high school from Seoul American High on Yongsan base!

    I can still remember having parties in the Dragon Hill Lodge!

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